Our choices


Experience at the service of a market in continuous transformation, so as to face the crisis and reaffirm its role on the Italian and international scene, while counting on a lean and efficient company structure and without forgetting that “making business” cannot exclude a social and ethical approach to production, innovation and competition.
This is the choice of Salvador.

Being partners with companies from around the world means dealing with very different environments, situations, economic, production and emotional conditions. This has never been a problem for Salvador, as it always paid attention to the global vision of the markets and of any activity of the company, an approach that comes from a “pull” and not “push” vision and philosophy, from the certainty that – being modest and aware of one’s own abilities – one has to adapt to the client. Always keeping in mind, as it has been said many times, that the company is an ethical and complex organism, which, if it works well, does good to the community.

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