Salvador SuperCut 500 Fast Optimizing Crosscut Saw

 Supercut 500 is a high speed optimizer able to meet the highest production capacities with utmost reliability.

Super-Fast: an exclusive dual workpiece feed system allows rapid acceleration and high speeds with maximum reliability; the innovative cutting system is so fast the blade is almost invisible to the human eye.

Extremely strong and reliable: strength, sturdiness, and the use of materials and components which keep parts subject to wear and replacement to a minimum contribute towards greatly limiting maintenance.

Technologically innovative: Supercut 500 is the absolute front-runner in technology thanks to intelligent exclusive software which exploits all the potential of an innovative numerical controller combined with a powerful computer.




supercut 500 RCm
Saw Blade Diameter 500/550 mm
Maximum Feed Speed 240 m/min
Maximum Cutting Capacity 200x60mm or 200x90 mm or 260x50mm
Compressed air pressure 6 atm
Working height 900+-20mm 


  • Extremely robust
  • Technologically innovative
  • Fast
  • Reliable and safe
  • Innovative cutting system, it is so fast as to make the blade almost invisible to the human eye
  • Cutting system with Brushless servo driven
  • The in-feed belt conveyor is synchronized and managed by the same motor of the advancing rollers.
  • Exclusive system with a double and solid top and bottom traction.
  • Top advancing group with three hardened drive rollers with teeth and 6 idle pressing wheels
  • Rising and descending of each toothed roller managed by numeric control
  • Fast and full optimization maintaining a notable compactness of the machine.
  • Software running on Windows
  • Remote teleservice assistance



 The company reserves the right to change technical specifications and construction methods without notice.
In some pictures, due to photographic reasons, there are not some of the safety devices.
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