Salvador Superpush 250 Pusher Optimizing Crosscut Saw

SuperPush 250 is a true technological evolution of traditional cutting methods. It is able to increase productivity considerably, reduce staff usage to a minimum, and improve wood yield.

With the original loading system by special chains and their lifting by electro-pneumatic system Superpush 250 is the ideal automatic cutting centre: simple, complete, precise and productive.
superpush 250 LOmm
Saw Blade Diameter 500/550 mm
Maximum Pusher Speed 60/180 m/min
Minimum Saw Cycle 0.2 seconds
Maximum Cutting Capacity 270 x 120mm or 300 x 95mm
Compressed air pressure 6 atm
Working height 900+-20mm
  • Extremely robust
  • Technologically innovative
  • Fast
  • Reliable and safe
  • The chain system is of high level of quality of size 5/8"
  • Group to move up and down all the loading chain system
  • Software running on Windows
  • Total optic system
  • Intelligent pressure beam
  • Remote teleservice assistance
  • Safety closing protection on back side


 The company reserves the right to change technical specifications and construction methods without notice.
In some pictures, due to photographic reasons, there are not some of the safety devices.
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